iPhone® 5/5S PowerSet II Kit



1 ct
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The power of 2 phones in 1, plus effortless wireless charging. A uniquely designed battery case that not only doubles your iPhone 5's battery power but also allows you to recharge wirelessly on the included PowerMat.


Packs a full battery's worth of power into a sleek backup battery that simply snaps onto the back of your AccessCase for iPhone 5.

Fast and Effortless

Snap the battery on and start recharging at speeds comparable to being plugged into an outlet and 2X faster than a traditional USB battery.

Enjoy Wireless Charging

Charge your phone and SnapBattery wirelessly, together or individually, on the 2x PowerMat or PMA charging surface.

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  • iPhone® 5/5S PowerSet II Kit

    iPhone® 5/5S PowerSet II Kit

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